The Secure Sustainability Institute

The Secure Sustainability Institute helps clients finance and procure technologies, goods and services across all renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.  We were formed to help our clients understand, comply with and work within the myriad new Federal laws, regulations and Executive Orders that require “sustainability” elements in various forms of government/private sector projects, procurements and collaborations.


The Stella Group, Ltd

The Stella Group, Ltd. is a strategic technology optimization and policy firm for clean distributed energy users and companies. Scott Sklar is Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition and serves on the (non-profit) Boards of Directors of, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, and the Renewable Energy Policy Project, and The Solar Foundation. ] Sklar is an Adjunct Professor for one unique interdisciplinary sustainable energy course at The George Washington University, and also an Adjunct Professor at The American University teaching an interdisciplinary international energy security course with Dr. Johanna Mendelson-Forman of CSIS, and an affiliated Professor with CATIE, a sustainable university based in Costa Rica.


Stinson Partners

Stinson Partners cultivates high performing companies in a style that bridges Silicon Valley culture with that of the Nordics. Their approach combines an inventive, fast-paced, entrepreneurial mindedness with an overlay of corporate business analysis and strategic purpose; a term they have coined as: “Corporate Mind, Entrepreneurial Heart”.  Stinson mainly works with Nordic companies who are expanding their operations and seek expertise with tactical and strategic growth implementation.  They also combine their U.S. backgrounds and Nordic experience to scout investment targets for U.S. investors.  Stinson supports these investments by taking an active role in the company to ensure strong communication and shared strategic direction between the parties.



StrathKirn provides consulting services in the management of science, technology, product development, market planning, and business strategies. Focus areas include technology, primary production, biotechnology applications, genomics, crop traits, renewable resources, sustainable development, biofuels, and developing new global markets for emerging technologies.


Tiber Creek Partners, LLC

Tiber Creek Partners, LLC provides subject matter expertise, including scientific and business counseling, to biotechnology companies that seek to use non-dilutive capital from the U.S. Government, foreign governments, and non-governmental organizations as part of their commercialization objectives. We offer a full understanding of funding and procurement opportunities and help communicate the advantages and the state of development of our clients' technology so that it resonates most effectively with funding and purchasing decision-makers.  Contact info at



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