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Our world is one of constant change, endless information, complex challenges and exciting opportunities.  This puts a premium on those who can present honest, original and independent solutions to pressing problems and make the right connections in the right way. Leadership in the global marketplace for renewable energy and energy efficiency especially requires an understanding of the complex overlap between domestic politics, international diplomacy, technology, finance and economic development.

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If you want to create and realize long-term visions; scout new pathways for growth; plant a new business in a new location; or devise a winning plan for government assistance, please consider adding me to your leadership team.  I have helped clients: 




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I draw on a deep well of experiences, knowledge and relationships for a unique blend of strategic advice, hands-on support and can-do spirit as a: 



Trustworthy.  Loyal.  Creative.  Seasoned.  Team Player.  Global Outlook.  Life-long Record of Accomplishments. 
Douglas L. Faulkner, President and Founder

Leatherstocking LLC


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If you want to:

  • Create new opportunities for growth;
  • Build new private-public partnerships;
  • Avoid hidden traps and bring a trusted new perspective to your tactics and strategy,


Please consider adding Leatherstocking LLC to your team.